Fab Lab Solar Powered Wooden House

Okay, so what are we looking at here? It is the Fab Lab, which one of those awesome environmentally friendly houses.

As you can see, it has what you would expect from these concept homes. First of all, it has a weird shape. In fact, it is so odd, that I don’t have name to describe it. It’s definitely asymmetrical, and a blend of a cylinder, and rectangular solid. I suppose that the best description is something like E.T.’s head.

Then there is the solar powered aspect of it. Apparently, the Fab Lab that “generates more than twice the energy it needs to function”. Seriously, a house that actually gives out more energy than it takes away? Man, that is a good role model for all of us homeowners.

Of course, the house is made of wood, which does damage trees. However, trees are a renewable resource, if you do it right. By the way, all of the interior furniture here is made of wood too.


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