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G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

Posted in Mobilezz on June 17, 2011 by use4all

If you tend to do a whole lot of traveling, then surely you would have something to keep yourself occupied especially on those long transits. Some people rely on their iPhone or iPod touch, others prefer a more hardcore gaming experience in the form of a Sony PSP or a Nintendo 3DS. Either way, games are the perfect (and popular) way to kill time these days, so it is no surprise that we see yet another peripheral hit the market in the form of the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment.

The £299.99 price tag might just scare off most folks, but wait for a while and read what it is capable of doing. This unique gaming peripheral allows you to enjoy your gaming on the go as long as there is a nearby power socket. Featuring an integrated 15.5″ LED HD display, it will be accompanied by a pair of stereo speakers, a fitted foam base and velcro straps that ensure your gaming hardware remains right where it is supposed to be while you save the world from an alien invasion. With a hard plastic shell protecting it from knocks and scratches, the lightweight design is even TSA compliant to let you tote it on an airplane as hand luggage.

A 3.5mm headphone jack tops off the list for a personal portable gaming environment – we just wonder whether the price is well worth it or not, or just get a Nintendo 3DS or PSP instead.


The iPhone Air Guitar

Posted in Mobilezz on June 17, 2011 by use4all

Considering that Guitar Herois no longer going to be made with new editions, one can’t help but wonder what the future of music gaming is. It would appear that someone believes that the next phase of music gaming is mobile with this Air Guitar Move.

The Air Guitar Move is a combination of hardware and an iPhone, and there is a motion sensing guitar pick for strumming away. As the user strums the connector, he or she uses the iPhone as a fretboard. As you might have guessed, there is an App for it.

So far, this is one of those Kickstarter projects, which means that it needs some funding in order to get it going. The designers, Ronald Mannak and Colin Karpfinger, are building their hardware at the same place where Guitar Hero was built, and have the same engineering team working on it.

Considering that a lot of music games on mobile platforms are not as cool as the plastic instruments on music games on the console, I just can’t see a mobile game breaking new ground on the music gaming front. Until now, at least.

The designers of the Air Guitar Move need about $25,000 in the next 25 days. Generally, Kickstarter donors get the item after a good donation, so this is probably the fastest way you’ll get it.

Michael Jackson IMITO A8 Cell Phone Ultimate EDITION

Posted in Mobilezz on September 20, 2009 by use4all

Michael Jackson IMITO A8 Cell Phone Ultimate EDITION'“Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t want some piece of the huge Michael Jackson pie. So it was only a matter of time that more wares kept popping up authorized or not displaying his image.  So without further ado I present the Michael Jackson IMITO A8 Cell Phone Ultimate EDITION. Basically a cheap phone with a laser image of MJ on the back of it….lovely.  Available in blue, silver, rose red, purple, green, and brown. The Michael Jackson IMITO A8 Cell sports a Dual Card Sim Card option, Stereo Bluetooth,FM radio,Phone call tracing, Multiple language support ( so people from other countries can get ripped off too), and 2.0 TFT screen.  All  this for the bargain basement price of $82.15. I’m sure the attorneys for Michael Jackson’s estate will get a Google alert right – about – now.”



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Polaris: Mobile phone robot

Mobile phone giant KDDI has teamed up with Tokyo-based Flower Robotics to develop a new concept mobile phone/robot system designed to monitor and learn the user’s behavior and communicate via a home TV set. Pink Tentacle reports.

“Called “Polaris,” the prototype system consists of a mobile handset that monitors the user’s daily activities and an artificially intelligent robot sphere that charges the handset and displays data on the user’s TV.The Polaris system is designed to learn the user’s lifestyle by collecting data, analyzing activity, and identifying trends. The robot keeps a database of information accumulated through the handset, such as the user’s daily travel and walking habits, calls and email messages sent and received, and online transactions. Using this data, Polaris learns to predict the user’s behavior and offer relevant advice and information.”

HTC Announces Touch2

Posted in Mobilezz on September 20, 2009 by use4all

HTC Announces Touch2

HTC has been getting in on the act today with the unveilling of the Touch2, a compact WinMo smartphone that will be one of the first devices to run WinMo 6.5, which will itself be unveiled on 6th October. Other pioneering efforts include support for Windows Marketplace and Microsoft My Phone. HTC’s TouchFlo UI has been given a revamp with lessons learned from the popular Sense UI found on HTC’s Android device.

The handsets ships with Internet Explorer Mobile, which includes Flash Lite meaning that there is some native Flash support even if it isn’t the full hog. A text optimization option allows the user to resize onscreen text for best results. The My Phone service allows the backing up of information like pictures, music and contacts straight from the handset to the web. Available in Q4 pricing hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Motorola Announces the Cliq Android Phone

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September 13th, 2009 · Source [Motorola]

Motorola Announces the Cliq Android PhoneToday at the Mobilize Conference, Motorola and T-Mobile announced the Motorola Cliq, a new Android handset. They call it “the first phone with social skills.” It is a touch-based handset that has Motorola’s new MOTOBLUR service on board. The Cliq is a sideways slider that has a full QWERTY keyboard and 3.1-inch HVGA touch-screen display. It has a 3G, Wi-Fi, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, video capture at 24 frames per second, 3.5mm headset jack, full HTML Google browser, and Google services. It will support microSD cards up to 32GB. It will be available in titanium and white, pricing wasn’t disclosed. It will be sold worldwide as the DEXT starting in 2010.


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DIY Swivelling Lego iPhone Dock

September 13th, 2009 · Source [Gizmodo]

DIY Swivelling Lego iPhone Dock

This is a pretty simple construction that actually doesn’t look as ridiculous as it sounds. The dock rotates, taking advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer and making use of allowing movie-viewing landscape mode. Not bad!